-Kerschbaumer rosé zweigelt

This beautiful Kerschbaum rosé wine contains subtle, volatile strawberry aromatics that slip out of the glas, right under the nose. The delicate blackberry flavours give this brilliant wine its summery freshness and juicy taste. A second glass of this sublime Zweigelt is therefore hard to refuse.

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About Austria Wines

The story of Austria Wines has its roots in the fertile soil of the Austrian wine region Wagram and is written by the Kerschbaumer family. The optimal climatic and geological conditions of this region have ensured the family to cultivate excellent wine for generations. Brothers Michael, Andreas and Martin Kerschbaumer took over their father's expertise, conscientiously continued wine production and perfected the Kerschbaumer into the quality and recognised wine it is today.

A few years ago Martin went to Veurne for love, but he could not completely leave the wine behind. While his brother continued wine growing in Austria, Martin now successfully imports and sells several exclusive Kerschbaumer wines here. The wine is also served in various gastronomic restaurants such as De Normandie in Koksijde. In addition, Austria Wines also offers other wines of colleagues from the Wagram region.

Are you curious and would you like to discover the unique taste of these high quality Austrian wines? Make an appointment here and we will be happy to welcome you for a tasting.

Austria Wines

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