The Kerschbaumer Winery


The Kerschbaumer wine estate combines youthful vitality and passion with centuries-old tradition and expertise. When the wine estate came into the hands of the brothers Michael, Andreas and Martin Kerschbaumer, they opted for a new approach, without losing sight of traditional values. The grapes are still picked and processed by hand using the original 1973 tree press. The result of this traditional and time-consuming method is a wine with an extraordinarily aromatic character.

The Kerschbaumer family's winery is located in Engelmannsbrunn, an idyllic village in the Wagram wine region of Lower Austria. Thanks to its extremely fertile loess soil, this area around the Danube is a popular wine region for wine-growers and wine lovers alike. The vines can take deep roots in this fine-grained soil and always find plenty of water. Moreover, the vines on the Kerschbaumer vineyard experience the ideal sunshine along the southern flanks of an elongated hill.

The success of the winery is therefore due to the expertise of the Kerschbaumer brothers and the optimal climatic and geological conditions of the vineyard.

Would you like to know more about the production process or the story of the Kerschbaumer family? Or are you curious and would you like to come and have a wine tasting? Don't hesitate to contact us.

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